6 Hemorrhoid Home Treatments and How to Prevent it

Homemade treatment for hemorrhoid may be required if the hemorrhoid is not complicated or while waiting for definitive treatment. It is cheaper, non-invasive, and easy to use.

Some of the

homemade treatments for hemorrhoid


Sitz bath

slitz bath with salt water, home treatment for hemorrhoid

Sitz bath is one of the conservative management of hemorrhoid. It is used for all grades of hemorrhoid as long as complication has not set in. How do you do a sitz bath?

Get a specially made sitz bath container/bowl that is wide enough for you to sit inside or make use of your bath tub. Pour some lukewarm water inside the bath tub or the bowl. Add salt into the lukewarm water. Keep adding the salt until you notice that the salt is no longer dissolving and now settling at the bottom. Add an antiseptic into the mixture and then sit inside this lukewarm water for about 15mins.

This should be done at least twice daily and every time you pass stool. The salt water helps to absorb moisture from the hemorrhoid leading to shrinkage. The antiseptic will help prevent infection.

Cold compress

cold compress for hemorrhoid

Application of ice packs to the anus will cause the hemorrhoidal vessels to constrict and swelling will reduce. It will also reduce bleeding and pain. To apply ice pack, wrap it with a towel and place it over the hemorrhoid. This can be done twice a day or every time you pass stool.

Witch hazel

witch hazel for hemorrhoids

It is a substance extracted from the bark and leaves of witch-hazel shrub. It causes constriction of the blood vessels within the hemorrhoid leading to shrinkage and reduction in bleeding. It also reduces the symptoms of itching and pain. It is applied directly to the hemorrhoid

Use of stool softeners (high fiber foods)

high fiber foods for hemorrhoids

One of the major causes of hemorrhoid is chronic constipation. Pain and bleeding can occur in a patient with hemorrhoid while straining to pass hard stool. It is therefore important to eat things that will soften the stool and prevent straining during defecation. Medicine such as liquid paraffin may be given to you by your doctor for this purpose but you can also soften your stool by taken a high fiber diet, plenty of vegetables, and water.

Aloe vera

aloe vera for hemorrhoid

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera which can help reduce inflammation around the hemorrhoid and prevent pain. It should be used alone (by direct application) and not in combination with any other ingredient.

A mixture of Epsom salt and glycerin

epsom salt for hemorrhoids glycerin for hemorrhoids

This mixture has been shown to be beneficial in reducing the pain of hemorrhoid. It can be produced at home by the addition of 2tablespoon full each of Epsom salt and glycerin. The mixture is then applied to gauze and placed directly over the painful hemorrhoid. Allow it to stay for at least 15minutes. This can be done many times in a day till the pain subsides.

Wear cotton underwear that will keep your anal area well aerated and prevent moisture from building up. Avoid using toilet paper for cleaning after stooling. Instead, use a wipe. This will keep you clean and prevent irritation. However, avoid wipes with perfumes as this can cause irritation. If your hemorrhoid becomes painful, use over-the-counter analgesics (pain killers) to reduce the pain and immediately present at the hospital.

    6 ways to Prevent Hemorrhoid 

Prevention of hemorrhoid is majorly dietary adjustment and change of toilet habit.

When food stays too long inside the gut, the water from it is continuously being absorbed leading to the formation of a very hard stool.

Leafy vegetables are important as they serve as roughages and help stimulate bowel movement.

Plenty of water also prevents hard stool formation.

The consumption of too much of refined foods will lead to reduction of in bowel movement and formation of hard stool.

  1. Take plenty of water ( at least 3 liters in a day)
  2. Consume high fiber diet
  3. Avoid too much of refined foods
  4. Take plenty of vegetables
  5. Avoid prolong sitting on the toilet
  6. Cultivate the habit of going to the toilet to pass stool at least once daily
  7. Treatments with natural ingredients can be very helpful

Hemorrhoid is a condition that affects the rectum and the anal canal.

It can bleed and become painful. Although definitive treatment is surgical, homemade treatment can help reduce bleeding, itching and pain.

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